George II & Katie (Chicago)

George and Katie

I am an engineer by career, but photography is a true passion! With my dad being a professional photographer as I grew up, I became drawn to the impact images can have on people. The engineer in me likes all the technical details that can go into creating a picture, like camera settings, or complex lighting setups to ultimately give you the image and style you desire! But what I really love is capturing the moments of life that are in front of my lens, whether it’s a portrait, a special event, a beautiful landscape, or anything in between. I also love working alongside my beautiful fiancé, Katie. We enjoy every moment, and we’ve been told we make a great team!

Katie is a Physician Assistant at Texas Children’s Hospital.  Her passion for people is inspiring and she has a great ability for getting people comfort in front of the lens.  She laughs frequently and creates a lovely, unforgettable experience for our clients. 

With each shoot, you will get me behind the lens while Katie focuses on bringing out true personalities and the little details that make our moments come alive. We love capturing special moments! 

George Sr. & Rose (San Antonio)

I started in photography during the good ol' film days, sometime in the mid '70's.  During my early years, I worked as a studio photographer.  Later, I started my own photography business doing portraits and wedding photography.  I was assisted in my photography business by my lovely wife, Rose and my young son, George II, who was about 4 years old at the time!

After going to law school and being a licensed Texas attorney for the past 20 years, I never lost my interest and passion for photography. I always felt I would make my way back home someday and words cannot describe the thrill and excitement when my grown up son, George II, asked if I would be interested in starting a photography business. 

Images inspire me and people captivate me. With my years of experience and now with the new added joy of working with my son, I can ensure you that your images will be magnificent!